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Soccer Comes to a Close

Big KickAnd just like that, the girls soccer comes to a close. Both of the girls were on teams that went through the season undefeated. Emma came close, but didn’t manage to score that elusive goal. She did however have a great time and it seem as though it bothered her that much. On the other hand, Maggie scored at least one goal in each of the games. She too didn’t seemed to be bothered by that. They both enjoyed themselves. There were plenty of tough fought victories that could have gone either way, so the drama was there. So excitement, exercise and new friends… pretty good.

I’ll miss it. I really will. They both were just fantastic and went out every practice and game to do their best. No complaints from them. They were both great sports and even the referees acknowledged how kind hearted they both were during and after the games. These girls have huge hearts.