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Fishing Trip, Success Included

Last night Connie fried up the some of the fish from a fishing trip last week to marsh around Lafitte, Louisiana. It’s what I consider the perfect ending to a good day of fishing. Connie’s father planned the trip and invited Clarence and I to go along with he and Matt. The guide for the trip was part of Captain Phil Robichaux’s Fishing Charters.

Now it’s easy for me to go fishing. The hard part is actually catching fish. That wasn’t a problem with our guide Beau. He put us on the several spots that we were able to catch some specs. We didn’t catch at every stop, but we did a lot better than any trip I’ve been on before. The last stop of the day was the most productive though. It was out in some open water of the lake. I wouldn’t have been able to pick this particular spot to save my life, but we caught fish non-stop for about an hour. At the end of the day, we had caught a total of 85 specs between the 5 of us (guide was fishing as well). We also caught 14 other fish which included bass, blue gill and a few reds.

I’m sure it wasn’t cheap to go on the guided trip, but it sure was fun. Nice boat, nice tackle, the right baits and the right location. Just show up and prepare to fish. It was all enhanced by my fishing partners. You couldn’t ask for a better crew. I really enjoyed it and created some great memories with my brother-in-laws and father-in-law. Thanks again Stan. Can’t wait to do this again.

Weekend at Chicot State Park

This past weekend, I spent a couple days (only one was a full day) at Chicot State Park with a few friends of mine. We scheduled the weekend back during the month of July in hopes that we would be able to schedule around it. It worked out pretty well as the four of us were able to make it. These days, that’s an amazing feat. So many other things come up.

The park is pretty nice. It’s an older park, but it is maintained moderately well. I thought the eight person cabin was very nice and spacious. It was just around a hill from a nice pier that jutted out into the lake. Due to a rough nights sleep (snoring friends perhaps), I was up early for a morning run. I put in five of my ten miles running up to the north part of the lake. Really beautiful scenery and plenty of wildlife. I passed no fewer than ten deer and probably closer to fifteen. Only a couple bucks and they were mostly on the small side. It could be a much nicer park if they would put a little money into repairing some of the facilities that have fallen into disuse. I didn’t get to visit the arboretum though.

I brought my kayaks though and spent a couple hours out on the lake investigating the opposite shore. Amazing place. So many trees that are out in the lake. The water was a little low, but it didn’t affect the kayaking. There were lots of waterfowl out. The turtles and even a few alligators were enjoying the sun from their cozy perch on the logs. It was nice to have Todd join me about half way through the excursion. We paddled around to find a nice stand of cypress trees.

Of course, these “get together”s would not be complete without some amazing meals prepared by David. Rarely does anyone eat so well on a camping trip. Jeff and David also provided the entertainment with some fine singing and guitar playing. Good stuff. We also managed some Bible trivia, spiritual discussions and prayer time. It was a great time spent with some great friends.