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LSU Baseball at the Box

Today Hayden and I got the opportunity to go to an LSU Baseball game over at Alex Box Stadium. Bill had a couple tickets from work that he offered to me and what great tickets that they were. We even had padded seats. This was my first time to see the new stadium on the inside and I really like the look of it. It’s somewhat simplistic design is perfect for a baseball stadium. What a great first game to see. This one ended up being the longest game in the stadium’s short history (fourteen innings). We even got to experience the 14th inning stretch.

It’s always tough when I get two tickets since that requires either Hayden or Quinn to stay home. I usually just alternate between the two of them, but in this case Quinn can’t see the baseball on the field due to his poor eyesight. On top of that, Hayden is currently in the middle of his machine pitch season. I think Hayden’s excitement lasted until the ninth inning and as the extra innings continued, you could see the energy leave him (falling asleep on the way home). Since Hayden has improved his understanding of the basics of the game, I tried to give him a little more information about the details of the game. The “hit and run” calls, the bunts to move players into scoring position, the impact of a pitcher being ahead or behind in the count and other tidbits that make the game exciting to watch.

I had a blast. This LSU team is dramatically better than the team I watched a couple years ago play South Mississippi. LSU defense didn’t have any errors and they just looked sharp. Of course it would have been nice to see more offensive output, but you can only expect so much out of the third game of the weekend. These guys had been playing hard all weekend, but they turned on the bats when necessary and Grant Dozar really came through to give LSU the win in the 14th inning. My favorite player of the game (by far) was Leon Landry. He had an amazing game with several spectacular catches in center field as well a huge performance at the plate (4 for 6). He really kept LSU in the game down the stretch.

Very enjoyable afternoon. I was really thrilled to get to see the game. LSU fans were great as well. I thought I was at a football game with all the cheering. After the game Hayden got to go down on the field with the other kids and run the bases. He seemed hesitant to want to do it probably because of the line of kids, but I knew that it would mean more to him later. If they would have let me, I would have gone down to run the bases.

Update: I’ve had a couple people tell me they saw Hayden and I on TV as well which is sort of neat.

Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium

This past weekend, the girls made their first trip to Tiger Stadium! It was sort of a last minute decision and we were a little concerned that they either wouldn’t be able to make it through the evening or would get fussy. Neither occurred as they were great. It made the day that much more enjoyable to get to spend it with all of my kids. Maggie got into the cheering more than Emma and she was even starting her own cheers by the second half.

Our attendance at one of the games with Connie’s family has become something of an annual event. If I had my choice that wouldn’t be the case mainly due to expense, but it’s something that Connie enjoys and so that makes it worthwhile. On top of all that, her mom and dad paid for the tickets this year which was a really nice treat. So Connie’s parents as well as all of her siblings (and their families) sit together in the stadium. Since we buy them at the start of the season and there are so many seats together, we almost always sit at the very top (2nd to the last row in the stadium). Other than the long climb to the seats, I sort of like them. You get a good view of both sides of the field. At least I think that green patch way down there is the field.

Tigers are BCS Champs!

Maybe it was the coaching. Perhaps it was the talented players. It might even had been the fact that I had a sweet new 46″ HDTV to watch the game on, but LSU powered ahead of Ohio State to win the BCS National Championship Game 38-24. I’m not the most faithful of fans, but I did sit and watch the entire game with Quinn, Connie, Bill and Ayde. It was nice to have the Walters over to share the moment. Great way to end a season!

National Champs

The Cardiac Kids

Back in the ’80s, the Cleveland Browns were known as the cardiac kids since their games consistently came down to the end of the game. Unfortunately for Browns fans, a lot of those games were losses (but not all). I was a Steelers fan, so it never really got me down. It seems that the 2007 LSU football team are the new Cardiac Kids. With the last four games being decided in the final minutes and in one case the final second. Fortunately there has only been a single loss in those close finishes. It’s enough to give a tiger fan heart burn.

It’s also one of the reasons that I just can’t watch the Tigers play. Oh, I hope that they win, but the gut wrenching way that they been winning is too much. Connie has been recording the games and then starts watching them thirty minutes after they start. That way when the commercials come on she can just skip through them. In the Florida game, the recording stopped with five minutes left in the game. Lucky for her, the game wasn’t actually over so she could switch to live TV and see the ending. This week she added an additional hour to the end of the recording thinking it would be plenty of time. Not so. With two minutes to play in the game, the recording stopped on her. Switching to live TV there wasn’t any mention of the game as it had been over for thirty minutes!!! After a little panic, she called a friend to learn that the Tigers had indeed come from behind to beat Bama (and that scoundrel of a coach). Guess she should make it two hours next time. Go Tigers!