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Fishing Trip, Success Included

Last night Connie fried up the some of the fish from a fishing trip last week to marsh around Lafitte, Louisiana. It’s what I consider the perfect ending to a good day of fishing. Connie’s father planned the trip and invited Clarence and I to go along with he and Matt. The guide for the trip was part of Captain Phil Robichaux’s Fishing Charters.

Now it’s easy for me to go fishing. The hard part is actually catching fish. That wasn’t a problem with our guide Beau. He put us on the several spots that we were able to catch some specs. We didn’t catch at every stop, but we did a lot better than any trip I’ve been on before. The last stop of the day was the most productive though. It was out in some open water of the lake. I wouldn’t have been able to pick this particular spot to save my life, but we caught fish non-stop for about an hour. At the end of the day, we had caught a total of 85 specs between the 5 of us (guide was fishing as well). We also caught 14 other fish which included bass, blue gill and a few reds.

I’m sure it wasn’t cheap to go on the guided trip, but it sure was fun. Nice boat, nice tackle, the right baits and the right location. Just show up and prepare to fish. It was all enhanced by my fishing partners. You couldn’t ask for a better crew. I really enjoyed it and created some great memories with my brother-in-laws and father-in-law. Thanks again Stan. Can’t wait to do this again.

Lake Fausse Revisited

I tried to find my previous post from several years back about our trip to Lake Fausse State Park. Turns out that it pre-dates my blog. If memory serves me correctly (and it rarely does), it was almost 10 years ago. We also visited with my sisters and their families (at least part of them). This trip, it was just the boys and me. We basically just visited with my sister Jerrie and family for the night while they spent a couple days there. I had a great time seeing everyone.

I also had my kayaks with me, so this was the perfect opportunity to track down the cypress trees that are around the lake. Several of us made the trip (even multiple times) out to see them. The humidity was extremely high and I was surprised at the warmth of the water. It was a classic Louisiana summer day. A lot of the locals were out swimming in the lake and all that I could think about were the news reports of flesh eating bacteria. Given the number of people swimming and the number of people with reported cases, I would say that the actual probability of that was pretty small.

The cypress trees were pretty amazing. I only wish that I could have taken photos with something other than my smartphone (which was probably smudged as well). It is a beautiful area that I would like to visit again. Not sure how old this growth was, but I doubt that this was virgin cypress. More than likely, it was only 100-150 years old. Still very nice though.


Another Trip to PAC

This past weekend, Hayden went with me back down to Pointe Aux Chenes. This was the same place the Quinn and I went the weekend before. The wind wasn’t blowing that hard, but the gnats were pretty bad in some areas. I was sort of aggravated by them, but Hayden looked like he was trying to fly (swinging his hat around). They didn’t stay long, but enough to leave their mark.

I think I should refrain from calling these outings “fishing” trips as fish don’t seem to be a part of them. I did lose a big one due to a broken line which was most likely due to a sticky drag. Oh well, I had a good time and I never regret spending some time with any of my kids. I thought I would at least post a few pictures of our morning. I did get to see some sea snails taking over a patch of marsh grass.