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Memorial Day 2016

As we honor those that perished while serving in the armed forces of our country, it’s particularly sad as of late. The lack of quality and leadership in our political class cast a shadow over those sacred sacrifices. What was gained through great sacrifice is being trampled on by a political system that grows more corrupt each year. The freedoms fought for on the battlefield are now slowly being voted away by a distracted populace.

Though our times ill afford us a better class of leaders, I want that I would be a better servant.

Less Santa, More Jesus

As we arrive at the end of Christmas Eve, I reflect on the advent season. This year at the suggestion of my brother-in-law, I spent some time each day reading passages from the Bible that provide a backdrop to the arrival of Jesus two thousand plus years ago. My time reading first some of the prophesies and then some of the story of the time of his birth (and the events surrounding that time). It has definitely heightened my awareness of the significance of the season and the celebration.

Combine these readings with the national Advent Conspiracy movement discussed at church and I was convinced that I should spend more time thinking on Jesus and less on the commercialization of the season. It’s been a real joy to avoid such frivolity and contemplate the amazing story that unfolded and continues to impact the lives of so many. I’ve enjoyed this season so much more than years past.

May your Christmas day be a blessing to you as you celebrate the birth of our savior.