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Just Keep Counting

Calories in BreadConnie and I have been counting our caloric intake for about two months (53 days) now. We both agree that scanning a UPC code on a product to load it nutritional information from the internet is pretty amazing and a real time saver. We can also say that trying to figure out the how to enter other items can been somewhat frustrating for people like us that tend to go overboard with our methods.

Take for instance our previous bread choice Giant sized loaf of Bunny White Bread. It would appear from the label that there is something magic when you chain together two slices of bread. Eat 1 slice, you get 60 calories. Eat 2 slices and you get 130 calories. Somehow we get an extra 10 calories if we eat an additional slice. Okay. You can remove the effect of truncation since it’s not just a single digit difference.

Another product that can give you a headache is popcorn. You read the label on it and they first give you the nutritional value of the un-popped corn. Do they really expect anyone to eat the stuff before popping it? Is that even possible? Then they provide the guidance that there is a variable number of servings in a bag. Thankfully the scan of the UPC code gives the nutritional information by the bag.

Since we are still in the “losing weight” mode, we just keep on working out the kinks. I’m sure at some point, it’s not going to be a big deal as we are just monitoring our weight and calorie intake periodically to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For a couple people who are just a little too uptight about the numbers, not have the info for a food item will many times mean that we just avoid it all together. The uncertainty is just too much.

As it is, we are having a pretty fun time with this. Hard to believe, but we’ve kind of enjoyed working together and haven’t really been “hungry” very much. We’ve also been pretty effective in our weight loss so that’s very motivational. Until we both hit our goal, it’s “just keep on counting”.

Airboat Tour with Good Friends

Through the years we’ve maintained a friendship with a couple families from our pre-kids days. We originally met at church and before two of the couples moved away to other locations, we took a cruise ship tour down to the Caribbean. While our friends were here this week, we found the video of that cruise. Not only were we astonished by our youth, but we also were amazed that 15 years had passed since then. It was so much fun to watch young versions of us. Since then we’ve only missed one year where we didn’t get together at least once.

This year we met in Baton Rouge and spent the better part of last week eating and having fun together. We tried to go to all of the “old hits” for meals including: T.J. Ribs, DeAngelo’s, Arzi’s and a memorable visit to Popeyes. We spent a couple half days at the water park and one evening on an airboat tour.

Most of the pictures below are from that awesome tour. The guide was a lot of fun and made the trip even more exciting by catching a few swamp animals. He caught a bullfrog and two alligators that he shared with the group. I don’t know that I’ve heard Connie scream so much in two hours. The kids all enjoyed the trip and fortunately no one was so scared that they wanted to go back to shore. The more bold ones would step up to hold, touch or just view the animals where a couple would just move back to a safe distance. It was an evening tour and so we spent about an hour while it was light out and a little less than an hour in the dark.

We had a grand time this past week with our friends. I’m always amazed at how quickly we pick up from where we left off last time. The kids got along great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Definitely looking forward to next year.

Nice Afternoon

This past Sunday after church we went to Chili’s for lunch (not really an usual event). We normally don’t order dessert, but I had a hankering for some of their molten lava chocolate cake. So we ordered one and each one of had a spoon. Well those complaints of “I’m full” were no where to be heard. In fact it became something of a competition to get your fair share (and maybe a little of your siblings share). Afterwards Maggie said, “The next time we come here to eat, let’s get that dessert thing. It was de…lish…us.” I might have to agree with her.

We then went by the mall to let Emma spend some of her birthday money on a set of Build a Bear clothes (*cough*.. ripoff.. *cough*). Every time we pass the carousel in the middle Maggie begs to ride it. Not wanting to cause a scene, I decided to take an alternate route. We slipped in one of the side entrances close the afore mentioned store. As my luck would have it, there was a set of those quarter rides (spaceship, stationary roller coaster, etc.). Yep, you guessed it. Connie’s more sympathetic to the requests as I would have moved on along. The girls did enjoy it though. So while the girls did their shopping, the boys and I went down to the video game store and looked around. With their bags in hand, the girls finished up their shopping and we headed home. Nice little diversion with the family.