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Spanish Class with Duolingo

DuolingoFor the past several years we’ve been using Rosetta Stone for Homeschools to provide foreign language training for the kids. We are required to have 2 years of a foreign language in order to meet state guidelines for high school students. The boys each have 4 or more years of training and the girls are just getting started (Emma has a year already). It seems that one of the security patches that Microsoft pushed out caused the software to stop working correctly. I contacted their support line, but was told that the version that we had was no longer supported and that we would need to upgrade to version 3 (latest version).

I had heard a couple months back about a new app for the Windows Store called Duolingo that provided learning tools comparable to Rosetta Stone, but was free. Duolingo actually started as a website and later added iOS, Android and then finally Windows 8 apps that provide device specific versions. Most people seemed happy with it, so we’ve been testing it this week. Given that the website is free, my expectations were a little low as to how useful it would be. They did have a classroom system where I could have all of the kids linked together into a virtual classroom and oversee their progress from there. So that was at least a good thing.

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Schools Out for Summer

Connie and the kids put in a late night after church to finish up the school year. They awake this morning to SUMMER! I don’t know if it merits all caps, but …. yea I guess it does. Nothing says “eager to finish” like doing economics after 9pm. Just judging from reactions, I would say that Connie and then the girls are the most excited about it. The girls got a good bit of enjoyment from throwing away their math workbooks (which did cause me a little pain).

Congratulations to all of them! I’m always amazed at how hard they work and that all books, courses and workbooks are completely finished (no stopping at the second to last chapter). Enjoy your time.