Hulk Smash Computer

Hulk Computer ModHulk Computer Mod - View from BackThis has to be one of the coolest computer mods that I’ve seen recently. It’s a fully functioning computer build around a Hulk action figure. You can check out the construction of this beast at The hard drive and DVD drive are in the base, along with the power supply. The mainboard of the computer is hoisted above the Hulks head. When the computer is on, there are green lights on the base and Hulk shakes the mainboard.

There would obviously be a few downsides to a machine like this. The first and most obvious would be the rather large chance of electrical shock. The second downside would be the lack of expandability (i.e. video, sound). I think we could live with the second, but not the first. I’m sure that after this was completed, their parents probably asked them when they were going to get a real job.

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