Coast to Coast in My Neighborhood

Last Month I passed the 6,000 mile mark on my new bike (well, it used to be new). Today I hit 6,384 miles. It’s been a great bike to ride and it’s still in nearly perfect shape. It did require regular maintenance to get it that far and at the moment, I could use a couple more tires and perhaps new chain (will be my 3rd). I’m still impressed with how quickly you can get up to speed when you really push it.

So how far is 6,384 miles? Well to put things in perspective, if you drove from San Francisco to New York it would be 2,909 miles. So I’ve ridden my bike the equivalent of that round trip (plus a few miles to detour over for some skiing).

Coast to Coast

The crazy part is that I’ve never ridden it outside of my neighborhood. I have a 12.5 miles loop that I can ride without getting on a major road, so I do that twice and sometimes three times a ride (weather permitting). Let’s just say that I know the roads around here pretty well.

During those rides, I’ve burned an estimated 332,000 calories (estimated by the Runtastic software which is probably a little high). I don’t know that I need to burn that now, but it does allow me a lot of flexibility in my eating habits which is nice at times. I’m not tracking my calories right now, so it’s not really that important of a metric to me.

So where do I go from here? Not sure. I suppose 10K will be my next milestone. Perhaps early next year I’ll hit that mark. Doesn’t matter, I just need to keep on riding and that will come before I know it.

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  1. It’s interesting that right after I posted this, my bike needed some regular maintenance on the crank. I guess I should keep quiet about my riding or my bike will hear and demand more attention.

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