Hiking in the Tunica Hills WMA

This past weekend after a morning of watching the kids play baseball, my brother-in-law and I left for Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area for some hiking. This was more of a scouting trip than anything else as information about the area has been sparse. We were armed with backpacks and cameras, hoping to get some practice with both. Since the tent camping area is accessible by vehicles, we really only got to take advantage of the cameras. The backpacks served only as luggage for our hiking gear.

It was beautiful weekend for a hike. The recent rain had brought with it a welcome front of cool, dry air. With temps down around 40F that night, it made for a pleasant evening around the fire. It took me all of a minute to get to sleep. The next morning we were up early, packed and driving around to Old Tunica Trace Road and the entry to the trails. We ended up spending some time on Trail A, but it seemed less traveled and not very well marked in some areas. We moved over to Trail B which goes across a ridge and down to a dry creek bed. There’s a long loop that follows the creek bed then goes up and around the surrounding woods. Trail B is 2.8 miles long and also has a side loop nature trail (it’s very similar to the other trail, just with labels) as an added bonus. It’s well kept and easy to follow due to an abundance of markings (blue blazes).

Overall it was a really nice morning of hiking. The Tunica Hills area is very scenic and although typical for the Felicianas, it’s very atypical of Louisiana (in a good way). Plenty of large hills and woods full of both hardwood and pine. Although not very well developed, it is kept up well. I would imagine that it’s much busier during hunting season, so hikers are best to avoid that time of year. Some of the trails are well kept (Trail B) while some others aren’t as well marked (Trail A). I’m looking forward to my next visit to the WMA so that I can try out Trail C. With a little more documentation from the state, this area would be much more visitor friendly. For our part, CAS and I enjoyed the trip. I’ve attached a few of my photos from the excursion.

2 thoughts on “Hiking in the Tunica Hills WMA”

  1. I love Tunica. Last time we went there, we heard a bear, which made us all walk just a wee bit faster.

  2. Yea, I would think so! We stirred up a white tail deer at one point, but it was mostly birds and such. Oh and next time we’ll have insect repellent.

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