Setting Up My ClearStream Antenna

Back in Baton Rouge, I had purchased an antenna for tuning over the air (OTA) stations. It didn’t get a lot of use as we were pretty established in our usage of Netflix (and video games) to provide our evening entertainment. That’s roughly the way things are now as well. We’ve added Amazon Prime and I’ve invested a good bit of time moving our TV series over to Plex. Yet there are times when you would like to have a live TV feed that allows you watch a specific news or sports event. It was because of this that I decided to setup the OTA antenna here in our new home.

I installed the antenna in the attic of our 2 story home (I would estimate that it is close to 30 ft. above ground level). I also purchased a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect device which is basically a network TV tuner. The antenna connects to the HDHomeRun tuner via coaxial cable and the HDHomeRun connects to our wired network with a cat6 cable (RJ45). With this current location of the antenna, I was able to pick up about 65 stations. I setup Plex DVR to use the HDHomeRun as a tuner and within minutes I had the program guide available (along with the ability to schedule recordings of any of the shows). SiliconDust also has a universal windows app for viewing live TV on Windows 10 and on the Xbox One. It was working remarkable well, but I noticed that I wasn’t receiving PBS (which has some good history shows).

A little digging revealed that the local PBS affiliate uses the VHF band for the signal. When I purchased the antenna, almost all HD stations were on the UHF band so the antenna didn’t receive the VHF spectrum. Fortunately ClearStream has a retrofit kit that added the reception of VHF and provided an integrated adapter to put the two signals together. That did the trick. It bumped the station count from 65 to over 90 (including PBS). One final adjustment to get it pointed directly at the primary location of the TV stations and I was all done.