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Picked the iPhone 7

I’ve been contemplating replacing my Windows Mobile phone for a while after having used the OS for several years. I still love the OS, but it was obvious to most that Redmond’s heart wasn’t in it. I needed to have a phone that would provide app support and an expectation of support in the future. I thought that I might find that with the Android OS, but in the end the cost for a flagship device was the same as iOS and I still couldn’t get over my mistrust of Google (investment in info and their willingness to kill off products). I’m sure Android is a lovely OS though.

I’ve had the phone for a couple months and so far it has been rock solid. I’ve found a couple apps to use to replace those that I had on my Win10 Mobile device. Instead of Runtastic, I made the move to the Strava app. Instead of Amazing Weather, I’m using Weather Underground (with the ads removed via yearly fee). Instead of Nextgen Reader, I’m using the Feedly app (a clear step backwards). All in all, Strava is the best of the group and I’m not overly impressed with the app quality of the others (they are decent though and I haven’t had any crashes). iOS is okay. There are a bunch of small improvements, but overall it seems very dated. It took a while to learn all of the “special swipes” to get to a lot of the new features.

In the grand scheme of things, the iPhone 7 is an excellent choice. It is very solid and is definitely responsive (i.e. fast). It’s not an exciting device, but I don’t look to my cell phone for excitement. In fact, if it acts like a reliable phone then I’ll be very happy.

Back in the Saddle

After disappearing from this blog for a couple months, I’m trying to climb back in the saddle and get back into posting our happenings. Not sure exactly what it will look like, but it’s always been something of a mish-mash of information. I would like to come up with a way to publish general topics to all and have family posts hidden behind a username and password. I’m still looking for a WordPress plugin to do that. I really don’t want to have to build one, but that’s an option as well.

I’m also trying to get back into my photography and then scanning of old family photos. I’ve done some of it, but it can be time consuming. I’ve come across some great pictures though, so it’s worthwhile.

So I’m going to stay motivated and at least put down a few random thoughts.