Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Today we are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day holiday at Connie’s parent’s house. It’s a moderately sized grouping of family with many family members celebrating in other area’s. It seems that with most families, that’s just the reality of holiday time sharing. Regardless of that, we had plenty of good food to eat.

After three days out of town, I felt the need to get back into the swing of exercise. I was up at 7a and put in an 8 mile run. I figured I would over eat, so it was best try to get ahead of it. The temp was nice, but my body just doesn’t like the early morning.

Without a doubt, we had plenty of things to be thankful for this year. The kids are all health and doing well. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful year with Connie. I was reminded yesterday at our company Thanksgiving meal of my very nice employer and the other employees. The blessing of good friends, some old and some new. The biggest blessing is our assurance of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.

My heart also aches because I know of several specific cases where families are really struggling. Some are struggling with serious health issues within their family. Others are struggling due to the recent loss of dear family members. It’s just heartbreaking to know that close family and friends are suffering. We are blessed to be kept, but unfortunately we aren’t kept from the suffering. I don’t understand, but I hope one day to understand.

So even though we are thankful for so much, we should never forget that any point in time there are others suffering and in need of a kind work or even financial support. We should take our thankfulness and spread that around to others.

Soccer Comes to a Close

Big KickAnd just like that, the girls soccer comes to a close. Both of the girls were on teams that went through the season undefeated. Emma came close, but didn’t manage to score that elusive goal. She did however have a great time and it seem as though it bothered her that much. On the other hand, Maggie scored at least one goal in each of the games. She too didn’t seemed to be bothered by that. They both enjoyed themselves. There were plenty of tough fought victories that could have gone either way, so the drama was there. So excitement, exercise and new friends… pretty good.

I’ll miss it. I really will. They both were just fantastic and went out every practice and game to do their best. No complaints from them. They were both great sports and even the referees acknowledged how kind hearted they both were during and after the games. These girls have huge hearts.

Mulling Phone Options

I’m still sporting my Lumia 920 with a cracked screen. It still works okay (other than the sharp edges on the screen), so I haven’t been in a desperate need to replace it. More than anything, I’m not really sure what I should get.

The iPhone 6s is out of the question mainly due to cost. Sure it’s a closed system, but that’s not really a turn me off to me since I don’t need my phone to be “hackable”. Because of the lack of a memory card slot, you really need the higher capacity models and those models are very close to a grand.

I guess what it comes down to is whether I get another Windows Mobile phone. Is the platform dead? Perhaps so. Well, it’s not dead dead. It’s just sort of a walking dead. The “app gap” is there and is running off people, so I just see a slow bleed. I really think the developers are loving getting to see the Microsoft OS get clobbered, but I think they’ll live to regret it. I thought that the unified Windows 10 code base and Universal Windows Apps would turn things around, but there’s a lot of hate out there. It’s a real shame as I definitely prefer the OS design.

Since I don’t want to spend a lot of money (> $200) on a phone that will not be around for a couple years, I’m left considering a cheap Android phone. The Moto E is looking pretty good at this point, but if Windows 10 Mobile is able to run Android apps then a Lumia 640 might hold me over. At $50 and $60, it’s not so much money that it would be a problem. Up from here, it’s probably a Moto G. I suppose if I can swallow using a cheap Android phone, then I may move to a higher end model later. I really don’t like the idea of moving to a Google OS as I just don’t trust them. Oh well, those are the breaks.

We’ll see how long I can stand this cracked 920.

Girls Soccer Back in Full Swing

We are already four games into the girl’s 2015 soccer season. It’s hard to believe that I’m been that slow in posting a few pictures. The weather has been fantastic for all but 2 periods of those four games. The girls are loving it and they can’t wait to go to practice as well. They both play hard and go out there trying to help their team. Maggie has been pretty good with the footwork and has scored 6 or 7 goals this season. Emma is still looking for her first goal (I expect it soon!). Both are as sweet as can be.

Connie and I were glad that our family from Florida was able to be at one of their games. It really meant a lot to the girls (they love their little cousins) and it was fun for us as well. This past weekend, Connie’s parents made it to their game as well. It was unfortunate that the rain started a little too soon, but it was nice to have them there. Again, the girls love it when they have someone other than Connie and I to watch their games.

The league is really a great place for some fun, sort of low key, sports. I really appreciate the effort of the coaches, referees and other volunteers that make it happen. It’s been a real blessing for our family.

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