45 Year Anniversary of Apollo 11

It was 45 years ago today that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong (Michael Collins stayed in orbit) landed on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. I wasn’t quite two years old at the time, so I don’t have any memory of it. It was however a pivotal time in the history of the United States as it launched a new era of science (one that had it’s genesis in the minds of so many young people). I don’t think the effect of that can be over stated.

The really sad thing is that since the end of the Apollo missions (there were several), we haven’t made it back there. You would think that travel to the moon would be a trivial matter by now, but the reality is that we just haven’t had the financial motivation to do it. Regardless, it’s good to see private firms finding an interest in space travel. Faster please. I’m not getting any younger.

Beloved Aunt Betty

Allen and Betty BundyIt’s with great sadness that we morn the passing of Betty Bundy this past Sunday. Like a few others from her generation, she served as an inspiration to so many. I met Aunt Betty while attending camp at CYE. Like so many years, she was there as a cook. She worked hard on so many church related events, she even worked harder to win souls to Christ. Her way to reach people was to love them. She served more meals to people that we can even count. She housed people that needed a place to stay. She loved them in so many ways, that it made an eternal impact on them. She greeted everyone with a kiss on the cheek. A true jewel among women.

Connie knew her all of her life. Aunt Betty was her mothers best friend and frequent companion. Aunt Betty was not only her friend, but her mentor during her teenage years. For Connie, they were Uncle Allen & Aunt Betty. It was so much fun to hear the stories of their friendship (over and over in some cases). She was always full of zeal. That infectious smile on her face just warmed the room.

Her work is done and she now waits for the rest of us. An amazing women and an example to all who knew her. We are all left richer in life because we knew her. Now it is our turn to continue her work. Time to step up our game. Thank you Aunt Betty. We love you.

About Last Week

I’m going back to the previous last weekend and post a couple pictures from Maggie and Gayle’s birthday party in New Orleans. With so many birthdays to go around, grouping them up is the only way to effectively have parties for everyone. I thought it was pretty cool that Connie’s mom had a My Little Pony cake. Probably a first for her.

This week the girls finished up their swimming lessons as well. It really turned into a daily pool party with friends from church there as well. Everyone brought their lunch and spent a couple hours playing in the pool. The girls loved it. Even the boys went a couple days with their friends. Great way to beat the summer heat. Maggie displayed her skills by going to the bottom of the 9′ deep end to retrieve objects. That’s just crazy.

My week was spent breaking in my new running shoes. I brought my bike into the shop to get a 2k mile checkup done on it (free year of service on it) and with all the rain we had, everyone had their bike in the shop. That left me with a week to find another mode of exercise. I picked up a clearance model of Asics running shoes (last year’s Cumulus 15) and put in a few miles each day. I’ll get my bike back tomorrow, but I will probably add a running day or two each week to add variety (as long as my knees don’t complain too much). It was definitely a change of pace. It’s a lot tougher than riding a bike, but you also move a lot slower so hazards don’t come at you so fast.

We celebrated Independence Day out at the Broussard Ranch. This has been an annual event since the kids were little and it’s always a great time to fellowship with some great friends. This year we also had our bible study friends (James, Denise & Alyssa Guillory) with us. A few things that I come to expect each year, lots of food, visiting, music and animals. Maggie usually had at least one puppy in her hands at all times. The uninvited guest this year was a donkey that has been hanging out around their farm. With all of the braying and at least one photo bomb, he made things a little more interesting. Hmmm, zip line, improvised Chevy swimming pool, concert, great food, slip ‘N slide and insects. We had it all.

My apologies for throwing all of this in one post. It was either that or just not post anything. Perhaps if I can kick my Skyrim addiction then I will be a little more with it in the next few weeks.

10 Year Blog Anniversary

Big day today from my blog. It hits the 10 year mark! I initially started this site using BlogSpot (which is now just another Google property) and switched about 8 months later to WordPress using my own domain name. It was handy to have my own domain name as I use it for my primary email address and also to provide everyone in our family with their own email addresses. Managing it myself has had it’s own benefits as I could “turn their email over to them” when they got old enough.

With over 1,200 posts during those 10 years, that works out to about 120 per year or 10 per month. Sounds about what I originally thought that I would post. Obviously, some months I have more to say and others, well…. less. It has been a lot of fun to share a little bit of our family through these posts, also serving as something of a memory bank for me. I can look back at my emotions during different times over the last 10 years. Medical challenges, birthdays and special events all logged away.

My number one post over the years has been my experience repairing my Samsung TV. It seems that a lot of people had that same problem and benefitted from the photos. At times I’ve had to block a post because it used a keyword that didn’t really represent the topic of the email. Other than that, it’s been fairly quiet with a few random visits here and there. Most visits come from family and friends with a few people looking for hiking information on regional trails. It has been rewarding to thing that I might have helped a few people out along the way.

One thing that I would like to see over the next 10 years (with regard to this site) is that my children and perhaps my wife would join me in posting items when they have something to share. Hayden is a much better writer than me and so it would be neat to see him or one of the other kids take advantage of this space. Thanks for those that have stopped by to see what’s up with the Callahans and my apologies for sometimes spouting off about my own techie leanings. Not that I stop with those anytime soon.

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