Double Digits

Maggie's PaintingHappy birthday Maggie! You’re now in the double digits (like all the rest of us in the family). My funny, talented, sweet and sassy little girl is growing up. It’s tough to have a birthday on the last day of summer camp since you’re so worn out from the week (and have to ride back to Texas), but you were in a great mood for your birthday meal at Chili’s. I hope you enjoyed the ribs.

Maggie at 10I’m so proud of what a wonderful person that you’ve become. Thoughtful and true, we always hear good words about you. I so glad that you’ve been able to start take art lessons since I know you love to draw. I hope that you always take the time to sit down and create. We love you Maggie. I hope it has been a great year for you.

Summer Camp for the Kids

This is the first summer that the girls are attending Camp Smiling Acres (the boys were there a couple weeks ago). Hayden is also there as a counselor (his first time to do that). I’ve only gotten little pieces of news here and there, but I assume they are having a good time. It’s super hot and humid, but the boys came back having enjoyed their week in rural Greensburg. They all needed a little electronics detox time, so that’s a good thing. Getting to hang out with their Louisiana friends is also a huge bonus.

Boy do I miss having them at the house. It’s way too quiet around there. It was great to have Connie’s parents and brother here this week and that took some of the attention away from the kids’ absence. Yet I still miss the hugs and kisses from my girls.

Summer is Here

The family is done with school for the year and celebration is in full swing. Actually it’s really more of camp being in full swing. The boys went last week and the girls are going next week. Hayden is even sneaking in a second week. We’ve been burning up the roads between Houston and New Orleans and unfortunately the temperature is heating up as well. Summer is here.

We are settled into our house now. The number of updates and changes are really down to just a trickle. We’ve found doctors, stores and a church family. Work is good and I feel like I’m making more of a contribution to the business. My exercise routine isn’t even close to what it was in Baton Rouge, but it’s getting better. I’m largely unconcerned with my goals for ultimate fitness and I’m more concerned with just getting back to feeling good about my endurance level (and weight target).

There are many more busy times to come over the next couple months. Onward.

Memorial Day 2016

As we honor those that perished while serving in the armed forces of our country, it’s particularly sad as of late. The lack of quality and leadership in our political class cast a shadow over those sacred sacrifices. What was gained through great sacrifice is being trampled on by a political system that grows more corrupt each year. The freedoms fought for on the battlefield are now slowly being voted away by a distracted populace.

Though our times ill afford us a better class of leaders, I want that I would be a better servant.

Quinn, Our 2016 Graduate

Quinn's Graduation PhotoAfter 13 years of schooling, Quinn has completed his compulsory education. I would say that it was definitely compulsory most of the time. Though he may not have had the greatest love for the educational process, he completed all of his curriculum, no matter how long it took (at times stretching in the summer due to family vacations). He performed well and completed all that he was asked to do. We are proud of all your accomplishments!

We also have another first in that Quinn is Connie’s first student to graduate from high school. This completes 13 years in which she has directed and participated in his education. So much reading, prodding, checking and at times demanding. I don’t think that anything could adequately describe your devotion to his (and their) education.

Looking forward, Quinn hasn’t made any firm plans post-graduation. He has been working hard on reaching the profession level in the area of video gaming. His team reached the semi-finals in the Manilla Major qualifiers (Dota2). With that success, they’ve been invited to other tournaments and he’s taken on some training tasks as well. My strong advice is for him to take college level courses and work toward a degree, but I don’t think that he has a specific area of study in which he is interested at the moment.

And with the end of his high school education and soon to be milestone of reaching his 18th birthday, he takes on the responsibility of charting his own path forward. I’ve had my own set of choices & decisions in life and now he has his own set. Of course the education never really ends. I wish only the best for him. I’m thankful that he is a very respectful person. Empirically he is intelligent and his love for God and solid character will serve him well. Go forth and prosper my son. Your mother and I love you and we’ll always be here for you.

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